Partner Program

Resell our Care Plans

Simple Payout Structure

$100 per care plan sign-up

Monthly Payouts

We pay out on the 15th of each month.

Our partner program

Our partner program is for anyone who has potential clients or visitors who may be interested in our WordPress support services.

It is important to us that our partners are not just people who bring in more sales for us, but also share the same values and care for clients like we do.

That is why we run a partner program – we’re here to help you not just promote us, but we’ll help promote you too! Naturally, there is also a monetary incentive available – simply refer clients to us and in return we will pay you $100 per care plan signup (after our customer validation period).

What are the benefits?

We don’t just offer financial benefits in our partner program, we offer much more!

  • $100 per care plan sold
  • 60-day referral cookies
  • Banners & creative resources
  • Unique discount codes for your brand
  • Promotion of your service on our website
  • Joint marketing in our newsletters  
  • Partner team to help with setup and promotion

Who can apply?

We are happy to accept partners from the following WordPress and digital-related areas:

  • WordPress Blogs
  • WordPress Companies
  • WordPress Communities
  • WordPress Educators
  • WordPress Influencers
  • Freelancers & Web/Digital Agencies
  • & anyone else who shares our values! 

Customer Validation period

All referred clients must pass our validation period of sixty (60) days before commission is confirmed and is ready to be paid out to you.

We do this as occasionally a client isn’t a perfect fit for us. This is usually down to their specific website or hosting platform they use.

We don’t hold clients hostage and refund any unused portions of their care plans as standard.

Typical purchase example

You send a client to our site on the Feb 3rd, they signup for the Maintain Plan

The client then goes into the customer validation period.

March 3rd – first validation (30 days)

April 3rd – second validation – affiliate commission confirmed (60 days)

April 15th – affiliate commission paid out to your PayPal account.

Apply for our partner program today

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