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Welcome to mintWP - WordPress care plans and support

A warm welcome

Well hi there, thanks for stopping by! This is our first post and my name is Chris Hughes – Founder of mintWP and someone with over 25 years experience in the Internet industry.

I’m going to give you a little bit of background on why we think mintWP is different than your usual WordPress Care Plan company and how we’re going to strive to become a very valuable WordPress resource for you.

So, what do you offer?

In summary – full 24/7 support for your WordPress website! We look after all the technical (boring) bits of running a WordPress website. From optimization and caching to backups and security – we’ve got you covered. We’ve three simple plans – which makes it easy to decide whether the site is to be maintained or, you’d like to take advantage of our enhanced offering. Additionally, our WordPress Care Plans have no minimum commitment too!

But, WordPress Care Plans aren’t new?

They certainly aren’t, in fact, as WordPress has been around since 2003 you’ll find that they’ve been around in one form or another since just after then. However, over the last few years, they have become a standard for anyone that cares about the reliability, speed and running of their website.

What is your background?

Myself, I started in the Internet industry back when modems were a thing! My first permanent Internet connection was in 1997 – a 64K Leased Line which I then used to offer domains and web hosting. I grew that business to a medium-size hosting company and exited in 2002 after being acquired by the UK’s largest hosting company.

Since then I have worked on 100s of websites over the years – from building them to upgrades and ongoing maintenance. There has always been one thing in common with them all though – clients have always come back for servicing and support! It was because of this I decided to turn this into a full business of its own so that I can give 100% the service and support to WordPress site owners that their sites deserve.

Whilst building this company I have built a team in two different continents so that it enables us to provide you with 24/7 support wherever you are! The beauty of WordPress and our systems mean staff can work remotely anywhere (we’re still after more people too – so if you are amazing at WordPress and English is your native language – get in touch!)

Why we are different

  • We’re transparent in what we do. We’ll bend over backwards to make sure your website is running in tip-top condition, but we’ll also be honest if your hosting is holding you back or you’ve too many plugins weighing down your site. (We’ll love your site as much as we love our own!).
  • This is all we do. Yep, this isn’t a side-business of our main gig. We don’t do design, marketing or social media management. We live and breath WordPress servicing and support. That means you are in the awesome company of people who know the ins and outs of WordPress.
  • We aim to be a top resource for all things WordPress. Our free articles and downloadable guides will offer you tons of WordPress (and business) advice all for free – if your business is doing well, our business will too!
  • Finally.. our content on this very blog is a testament to our knowledge and skill levels. We write ALL of our own content – the only content we don’t write is if we get a WordPress plugin or service company to tell us about what they offer! (and we’ll make that clear!) If we don’t know something about WordPress (fairly unlikely!) – we’ll go learn about it, and then share that knowledge with you (there are over 40,000 plugins out there – so there is plenty to keep us going!)

We hope this little introduction is of help to you – subscribe to our newsletter below to get a fresh supply of WordPress tips, guides and tutorials in your inbox! If you’ve any questions – drop us an email at fresh@mintwp.com

Love this article? You’ll find our friendly and knowledgeable support is just like our blog posts – we love WordPress and if you’ve got a technical problem, we’ll have the answer for you! Check out our WordPress Care Plans and get started today!

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